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Cultivating Individual and Organizational Wellbeing:
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We all can benefit from:  Improved Awareness, Stress Resilience & Programs Grounded in Science

Published research demonstrates that learning mind body medicine skills causes a statistically significant decrease in depression, hopelessness, anxiety, anger and sleep disturbances, and an increase in mindfulness, self-efficacy and quality of life. --Center for Mind Body Medicine

Individuals with high levels of well-being are more productive at work and are more likely to contribute to their communities.--Centers for Disease Control
Wellbeing needs to shift from an individual issue to a collective priority in the workplace.

Learning mind body skills creates a different way to be present in the room & in your life.

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What People Say

Diane, Non-Profit

I knew it was time to address my high levels of stress and the 8-week Mind Body Medicine group was the answer!  Every week I learned about my brain and body and was given helpful tools for managing stress.  My small group helped me stay accountable and provided a dedicated space to put many of these tools into practice.  I'm so grateful for the time we spent together.

Peggy, Purple Ink Team Member

Mind and Body was a wonderful way for our team to slow down and come together to prioritize our mental and physical health and well-being. We learned some great tools and methods that I will continue to use with my team and myself personally.

Kelli, Academic Advising Administrator, Indiana University

My experience with the Mind Body Medicine skills group was incredibly enriching. The combination of weekly check-ins with a small cohort and home practice was inspiring and supportive. Many of the practices stretched my understanding of the mind, body, spirit connection. After completing this series, I feel more empowered to allow space throughout my day to pause for moments of reflection and self-care.

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Tia, LifeStream Services

I really enjoyed this group and the skills learned at each session. I looked forward to attending each week to hear from others, share my experience and to learn a new skill. Melanie was an excellent facilitator and kept the group engaged and created a safe place for sharing. Now that the sessions are over I am finding places to use the skills. One example is when having difficult conversations I am using the "safe place" experience and breathing to calm myself before the conversation. This has made me feel more in control of my emotions and initial reaction to the other person's response is easier to process. I am also finding the naming of emotions to be helpful. I often pause during the day to check in with myself about what I am feeling and why. I am finding this is helping in my relationships with others, especially at home with my family. I catch myself before reacting in a negative way to identify that and try to find a more positive reaction.

Karina, Non-Profit

This course provided a safe framework for personal exploration and provided tools in a collaborative and informative way. The leader facilitated an honest and open environment for participants to explore and share their experience.

Surekha, CFO, Indiana Youth Services Association

This was an extremely valuable program. The facilitator was awesome. I learned more tools to regulate myself; I made invaluable connections to other leaders. I would recommend this program to any leader who wants to become a better, stronger leader. Thank you, Ignite Wellbeing, for this amazing opportunity to learn and grow!

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