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Wellbeing for Educators

We love our educators!!!!

In collaboration with the Indiana University Kokomo School of Education, we created Wellbeing for Educators, first and foremost, because our educators deserve to be well. We also know educator wellbeing is foundational to student learning and development.

Geared for

In consultation with educators, we identified 9 monthly topics to take educators on a wellbeing journey through the school year.  Topics include: Awareness, Building Community, Holding Space,  Preventing Burnout Through Self-Compassion, Navigating Change, Movement, Emotions, Nutrition/Mindful Eating, and Spirituality.

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Effective & Brief Content

We know how full educators' plates are, so each monthly topic is concisely presented, including:

  • a short overview of the topic,

  • mind body medicine-based skills and resources,

  • questions to provoke reflections and discussions, 

  • home practice guidance.

While educators can complete content on an individual level, we believe in the power of community and connections. For this reason, we also provide facilitator guidance for the content to be used in a group format.  Please note that the facilitator does NOT need to be a trained mental health professional.

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Easily Adaptable

This content can be used at the individual, building, or district level. We will work with you on pricing, given your particular focus. We are happy to discuss supplemental programming, including workshops, presentations, facilitator training, and Mind Body Skills Groups.



While we present this as a monthly resource, the content is self-paced, so it may be adapted to meet the unique needs of individuals and groups. Additionally, the content will remain accessible to you in the future for your continued growth and practice. 

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Let's Work Together

  • Interested in accessing this content or learning more?

  • Perhaps you are not an educator and would like to have this content adapted for another audience? 

  • We are happy to set up a virtual meeting and walk you through the content before purchasing.

Email Christy Gauss at

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