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About Us

Our mission is to help organizations and individuals reduce the impact of stress and create cultures of wellbeing using Mind Body Medicine-based tools.

Mind Body Medicine focuses on the interactions between the mind and body and the powerful ways in which we can participate in our own healing and health.  Thoughts, feelings, beliefs and attitudes can affect every aspect of our biological functioning.  And, what happens in our bodies and how we care for them can affect how we think, feel and what we believe.

At Ignite Wellbeing, we know wellbeing is positively impacted when we understand how to recognize and deal with stress collectively.  


   We provide solutions by:

  • Utilizing Mind Body Medicine-based tools that are grounded in research.

  • Guiding our clients toward wellbeing by showing them the connection between mind, body, and spirit.

  • Enhancing organizational culture through the development of peer-to-peer support focused on wellbeing, which leads to more effective, productive, engaged and healthy individuals.

Meet The Team

As a co-founder of Ignite Wellbeing, Christy brings a depth of experience as a social worker who has dedicated her career to addressing child, youth, and adult wellbeing.


Her experience includes ownership of SCP Consultants, a consulting company focused on supporting whole child development in schools.  She is also the former Mental Health Facilitator for the Indiana School Mental Health Initiative at Indiana University, as well as the System of Care Coordinator for the Indiana Department of Education. Her strengths lie in collaboration, building connections, and big picture thinking.

Christy lives in Indianapolis with her husband and they have two grown children. She is certified in Mind Body Medicine and is an ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Interface Master Trainer. She earned her BA in Political Science from George Washington University and her MSW from Indiana University. Christy currently serves on the boards for The Children’s Policy and Law Initiative and Better Youth Outcomes and believes that to foster wellbeing in our organizations, community and world, we must each begin by healing ourselves. 

Melanie Fauth is the co-founder of Ignite Wellbeing and holds a nursing degree with 25 years of executive leadership experience driving important strategic initiatives for a statewide hospital system.  In each of her roles she has excelled at helping others tap into their greatest potential. 


Her strengths are in systems-based strategies, connecting people, improving processes and building culture.   Throughout her career, she has seen patients and their families, as well as leaders and front line employees suffer from chronic stress and trauma as they navigate the complexities of life.  Becoming certified in Mind Body Medicine underscored, for Melanie, that every individual can be empowered to help heal themselves through trauma and stress if taught evidenced based skills.  Melanie uses her executive background to customize workshops/groups to meet the needs of individuals and organizations.


Melanie is married and a mother to two grown children and has a bonus son.  She received her BA/BSN from DePauw University and is an Indiana University Tobias Leadership Fellow.  She serves as the Board Chair for the Shepherd's Center of Hamilton County and is passionate about helping caregivers of all kinds find the support they need.  She is a member of the Indiana Geriatrics Society and Executive Women in Healthcare.  Additionally, Melanie serves as Board Chair for The Shepherd’s Center of Hamilton County.  She is a resident of Central Indiana and loves nature: running, hiking and mountain biking, as well as pickleball, golf and reading.

Our Impact By the Numbers

Heading 1

People During Workshop


Total People Impacted

Stressed Woman

Perceived Stress Scores

Decreased from 26 to 16 after Mind Body Skills Groups

0-13 Low Perceived Stress

14-26 Mid Perceived Stress

27-40 High Perceived Stress

Office Building

Organizations Served


Checking Text on a Document

Participant Surveys

  • Increased knowledge of how stress effects mind/body/spirit

  • Satisfaction with Ignite Wellbeing

  • Gained Mind Body Skills to support wellbeing




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